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South Jordan

As we arrived to interview South Jordan, we passed one of the longest line of girls I’ve ever seen. I felt very out of my element with how big of a show we were at. South Jordan may not have known, they will once they see this, we are pretty small town. As we entered the green room the other bands were kind enough to leave in order for us to sit one on one with the band. They also deserve a huge thanks for letting us invade their green room.

As we sat down with the band they opened up with us and did not hold back. They are such an awesome group of guys making amazing music it is only a short amount of time until they are headlining a tour with a longer line of girls.

After we finished the interview the band went outside to see the line. Both Mike and Benton made mention of its size likening it to lines that you would see at Warped Tour. Project SLC was there, were you?