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Scott and I had the opportunity to watch Races perform at Kilby Court on April 5th. After the show we were graced with the opportunity to sit and eat with them at O’Shucks/Ahh Sushi!, who provided us with great food and drinks for very affordable prices. As they opened up we were able to get to know them as individuals while simultaneously watching them synchronize together as a band. Races are amazing people playing amazing music. The only thing I apologize for (well, this and the background noise) is the fact that they did not have the opportunity to watch their friends Gardens and Villa play at the Urban Lounge just a few blocks away.

They were gracious enough to answer our (Scott’s) questions, eat with us, sign our records and provide Scott with the amazing nickname of “Scott Lake City” which I hope sticks in the future of this site. I wanted to thank them before posting the interview for everything which they provided us and (Project) SLC.

This is a rough cut of the interview (I can not emphasize that enough!) We’re in the process of creating a podcast at which we’ll have a cleaner version of this interview up.

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