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Christopher (flute/guitar in g&v) took some time out to answer some questions for us before their show at Urban Lounge 4/5 with Fanfarlo. I would like to thank them for taking the time to do so.

Where does Gardens and Villas currently call home?
– we currently call the city of Santa Barbara, California, home.. But we have been on the road most  of the last year. Starting to feel pretty nomadic..

How did you guys get set up with Fanfarlo?
–we got hooked up with them through our booking agent and mutual friends.

How has the tour been so far?
–The tour has been righteous.. Its been over a month now since we left California.. had an incredible time at Sxsw and played some other festivals.. Snowball fest in CO was especially sweet- got to play in the middle of the rocky mountains. We linked up with fanfarlo a week ago and so far it’s been grand. Now we’re both on our way to California for Coachella.

How long until you get to go home?
– 2ish weeks

How did the band form?
–we all played in different bands around town.. Adam and Levi and I met in college and had played in a pchychadellic/postpunk band with some other dudes, called Ave Ceaser. We played for a few years until we broke up. went our own ways for a bit. started jamming again and formed g&v. Added Shane (because he shreds) and everyone moved into the same house (on villa street) to play music as much as possible. Got linked up with richard swift in OR. Who produced our first record, recorded summer of 2010. Dustin was added shortly after to fill everything out. It was destiny.

How do you guys come up with new songs? Or who writes most of the bands?
—All different ways.. Some just arise from extensive periods of jamming. Some are meticulously planned and thought out with care. Me and Adam write most of the bones for the songs and the other guys fill in the flesh and blood..

Do any of you have any other projects currently?
–we have some pretty wicked side project ideas underway but nothing to speak of.

I heard you guys planted a garden and it partly helped you name the band?
– affirmative.. Gardening is one of my favorite things.. I miss it a lot. I had a beautiful garden at the house on villa street where we all lived. It took years to develop. We had to move out of that house to go on tour.. Now I just admire gardens in strange  cities all over.. This summer we will be writing all the music for a second record. Hoping I will have time to at least plant some tomatoes, jalepenos and cilantro- along with avocados. During summer it’s almost all I need.  life-blood of the gods.

Who watched after the garden when you are on tour?
–it Is no more.. : (

Thanks for your time and I hope you guys have a safe rest of your tour,

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