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The Moth & The Flame

The Moth and The Flame

Navigating my way from Salt Lake has never been an easy task and although I always end up in the same part of Provo I always seem to lose my way. On this trip the construction on the freeway didn’t help. Luckily, I had received directions through the labyrinth which was once the center street exit in Provo. After I had exited the freeway I made my way through the side streets to Muse Music on University Blvd.

As I arrived I saw a small group of people who could have been taken from Salt Lake and transplanted directly in front of Velour music (which I mispronounced throughout the entire interview) which made me feel more at ease with my surroundings. I noticed that Muse Music was closed and made my way to a brick pathway leading to a congregation Christian church and sat down. I had forgotten my questions and took the time that I had before Marcus and Brando arrived to rewrite the questions I could remember from memory.

As Marcus and Brandon pulled up to the curb I stood up to welcome them to a place that they knew far better than I ever could. They met me with outstretched hands and smiles, they welcomed me back to Provo. As we made our way to Muse Music we realized it was closed and made our way next door to Velour. I had never been inside Velour music and was very impressed with everything I saw. There was an amazing amount of spaced laid out before a raised stage. A man was performing a sound check for a later show and the men exchanged pleasantries and jokes as we made our way back to the green room.

The green room was adorned with brand new, antique, swinging doors that were amazingly crafted. We made our way through the swinging doors into the green room which was much bigger than the other green rooms that I had been to for my other interviews. I was very impressed with everything I saw. We finally took our places like in business man and after a few jokes and off air questions to lighten the mood I started my interview.

To make things easier right-click and open the link in a new tab. We are trying to get a podcast going, thank you for your patience.

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After the interview I was informed that I could give away two tickets to their show on the 21st of April. I am super excited to pass that on to two of their avid listeners. Leave a Comment below and enter to win free tickets to their show at Velour on April 21st!