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Flyleaf Giveaway!

Published on January 21, 2013 by in Contest, Music

Flyleaf SLC
Flyleaf W/Drowning Pool March 15th @ In the Venue

Here is your chance to see Flyleaf’s new lead singer perform live thanks to The Kollective.

Here are your steps to success!

1. Like us on Facebook (Most important)


2. Comment below to be officially entered

3. For one more and the biggest chance to win Share this link on Facebook!


Make sure you Tag @ProjectSLC so we can see it!
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The winner will be announced the week of the show, Their name will be added to the guest list!

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11 Responses

  1. Shania Maxfield

    Finished. ((:

  2. Lalanya

    I love flyleaf!!!i would love to be a part of this

  3. steve pena

    flyleaf drowning pool gonna b off the hook

  4. James Nicolas

    The show is going to be wicked, hopefully I get the chance to promote this locally!

  5. Tracy Baxter

    Sweet! I would love to see this show!!

  6. Heather Haycock

    I have never been to a concert! I would love for this to be my first! :)

  7. Mele Tolutau

    I would love to see Flyleaf live<3 Its been a dream!

  8. Jeremy Plothow

    Let’s do this thing.

  9. Shand Franklin

    I would love to take my wife to this. 2 amazing bands.

  10. Crystal Frankiln

    It would be a great date night.