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What is Project SLC?
Project SLC is a transitioning nonprofit seeking to help local musicians and businesses give back to federally funded school districts arts and music programs in Utah.
Where does the money come from?
Project SLC raises funds money through the sale of local musician compilations, fund raising websites like Kickstarter, merchandise sales, fundraiser events including; benefit concerts and battle of the bands, advertising and through donations from people like you.

How do you help?
Though we are new we seek to work with local music companies, recording studios, musicians, artists, photographers and anyone else involved in the arts that will take the time to work with elementary to high school aged children with respect to their expertise. Project SLC sets up visits to studios sends the artists straight the schools to teach either during school or at after school programs to provide children with a hands on learning experience.
Why do you do Interviews?
We interview both local and national bands to highlight musicians and their musical beginnings. We ask about how they started playing music, where they might be without music and what advice they might give to musicians. This listening can benefit from the advice from their favorite musicians and may learn something valuable. Also parents might discover not all musicians are drop out drug addicts.
How can we get involved?
Send an e-mail with your name, name of your company if applicable and how you feel that you can help, contribute or would like to contribute to justin@projectslc.com Project SLC is not able to take on anymore staff at this time.
How do I get my band featured?
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When will your site be fully functional?
The Concert Calendar will be up to date in a couple day (12/14/12) and the rest of the site we are working on. We are having problems with the latest version of WP (3.5) which is not allowing us to upload pictures to our pages and many posts. We are taking this time to redo many parts of the site and add on more of the Nonprofit aspect of what we do.
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