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Who We Are

Project SLC is set up as a local and national media outlet which focuses on musicians touring through Utah. Project SLC has been set up to Support Arts in Unison (artsinunison,org) which is in the process of achieving nonprofit status. We (Project SLC and Arts in Unison) seek to use the aid of local artists, musicians and businesses to give back to our federally funded school districts’ arts and music programs. We see the necessity for local artists, musicians, and businesses to unite with local schools for the artistic development of K-12 age children in future artistic innovation.

We stand by our Mission Statement: Locals for Local Arts and Music Education

Our objective is to provide where others cannot, to support the future of Utah’s arts and music from its educational beginning.

Project SLC and Arts in Unison look to unify the community through arts education. We care about the art and music in Utah, both local and national. Our goal is to bring together promoters, bands and businesses to provide the best experience for fans here in Utah as well as the national bands that play Utah’s venues. Project SLC seeks to enhance the bands’ experiences during their time in Utah. We reach out to bands to conduct interviews so that fans can connect. We contact local restaurants for signings as well as meet and greets. We also throw after-parties with the help of local clubs. Project SLC does this to introduce national bands to Utah’s rich downtown life and culture while promoting local bands through support of local businesses. We help Utah to Listen, Discover, Live.

If you want something taken down please let us know and we will have it removed asap.

Project SLC in the news

Salt Lake Tribune

Weber State Signpost

88.1 Weber FM: The Local Lounge

Justin@projectslc.com : Chief Marketing Manager, Website inquiries, affiliations and sponsorships

Scott@projectslc.com : General Manager; Interviews, Photography and Day to Day Project SLC

Sean Crossland:Non-profit management; Grants and Community Outreach (Arts in Unison)

Austin Wright : Film, Photography intern at Project SLC

Austin Hatch : Project SLC Podcast Manager and Ogden Correspondent

We are currently looking for local affiliates that might benefit from cross promotion or advertising with us.

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    Hey awesome website! neat to see all the concert info in one place..